Cheap Child Care: Affordable Day Care Finding Advice

By | November 2, 2013

With daycare costs rising every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable care for your child. During this period of recession, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about ways in which they can cut corners yet provide quality care to their children. Child care can be very expensive but with a little planning and innovative thinking, you can save on costs. Here are some tips to find cheap child care in the USA.

Budget Child Care: Low Cost Child Care Options

Dropping a child off at the nearest good day care center seldom amounts to “cheap” child care and therefore parents need to explore their options for low cost child care. There are a number of ways in which you can provide cheap child care for your kids. You must research the availabilities in your area to reach a balance between affordability and quality of the care provided.

  • Formal day care center :  These places will usually be listed and are fairly expensive. However, they are mostly trained well in providing care and help your child’s interactive skills.
  • Not-for-profit daycare center :  These places also have a fairly well-trained staff but are slightly cheaper than formal day care centers as they receive considerable amounts of government aid.
  • Daycare Homes :  These child care homes are much smaller than daycare centers and care is usually a family run business by experienced individuals. They are usually more affordable and are probably well suited for those looking for budget child care.
  • Family care :  This kind of child care is an informal arrangement made with family members or friends. The quality of such care is usually lower as the individuals are inexperienced at formal child care. However, it is very affordable child care and makes one feel safer.
  • In-home Care: As a low cost child care option, a part-time babysitter can be hired on an hourly basis to care for your child at home. This is more convenient and an affordable child care option for you.

Budget Child Care To Reduce Child Care Costs

Budget child care is becoming an increasing concern amongst parents as a good low cost child care option helps them to cut down on heavy child care expenses. By keeping these small factors in mind, you could find it more affordable to provide child care your kids:

  • Family care : Keeping your children within the family members for child care such as with grandparents or relatives can be much cheaper and a good affordable child care option. It also gives you peace of mind and flexibility of timings.
  • Student care : Hiring a student from a nearby college is a good source of cheap child care. These students work for much lesser than a local daycare center and fit a low cost child care budget.
  • Arrange swaps : Cheap child care is required by all families. Coming up with arrangements to swap kids according to your schedules with neighbors would be more affordable for everyone.
  • Save on taxes : The government allows numerous tax deductions for child care. You can take advantage of the Dependent Care Tax Credit or the Dependent Care Account to make your child care more affordable.
  • Switch schedules : By switching around your schedules with your spouse you can co-ordinate to have someone stay at home with the children more often and stick to your child care budget as well.

Avoid Low Cost Child Care Dangers

While cheap and affordable child care is attractive to families on a tight budget, parents must not sacrifice the safety and wellbeing of their children for the sake of finding a cheap child care option. When choosing a low cost child care option, it is essential to ask some important child care questions and avoid some basic dangers:

  • Avoid start-up budget day cares as they may be inexperienced.
  • Research your cheap day care center well.
  • Avoid young and irresponsible students as a cheap child care option.
  • Lay down strict rules if you leave them with family or friends
  • Inspect the place thoroughly before leaving your child in someone else’s care

Child care demands are increasing while the costs keep rising. It is therefore essential to keep all these tips in mind to make cheap child care more affordable for your family.Low cost child care options are not impossible to find but before you jump at the temptation of a cheap child care option, make sure you do your research well enough so you can leave your child in their care.

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