Child Bullying: How to Deal With A Child Bully

By | November 2, 2013

Preventing the behavior of a child bully is up to all the adult figures in the child’s life. Whether it comes from the parent, teacher or caregiver, it is important to stop a bully before it gets out of hand. By recognizing a child bully or that your child is being bullied, you can help bully victims from suffering physical and mental stress. A child bullying others must be punished and taught the right way at an early stage and a child being bullied must be protected from severe lifelong traumas.

What Is A Child Bully?

According to the US Center of Mental Health Services, child bullying consists of “repeated acts of emotional, social or physical behavior. They are intentional, controlling, and hurtful.” A child bully causes trauma to the bully victims not only through physical abuse and pain but also through emotional insecurities and distress. A child bullying other kids may resort to physical fights, name calling, out casting, spreading false rumors or simply ignoring them.

Stop Your Child Being Bullied

A child being bullied grows up with insecurities and emotional scars. If your child is a bully victim, you must figure out how to stop the bully before it gets too late. Parents and teachers often do not see the signs of a bully victim as child bullying usually happens when adults are not around. However, a child being bullied will portray certain behaviors which must be watched for.

  • Introvert
  • Overly emotional
  • Limited friends
  • Skips school unnecessarily
  • Sad and depressed
  • Torn clothes or broken possessions

A child bully must be stopped in order to save the mental state of your child. It is important to report suspected child bullies to proper authorities immediately and help your child prepare for school mornings by enhancing the positive aspects of attending school.

Is Your Child Being A Bully?

What if your own child is bullying other kids? It is very important to keep an eye on children and stop a child bully at an early age.

  • Safe environment: Your child will not resort to child bullying if he feels safe and happy at home.
  • Positive reinforcements: Using positive methods to stop a bully will help your child realize it is wrong to be a child bully.
  • Be involved: Taking an interest in your child’s life will let you know them better and help a bully stop his actions.
  • Teach respect: A child should learn to respect people and feel empathy towards physical and mental pain of others
  • Stay in Touch: Keeping contacts with school personnel, caregivers and relatives to monitor your child’s behavior will help stop a bully.

A child bully is dangerous to the well-being of the bully victim as well as himself. As parents, teachers and caregivers, it is your duty to help a bully from escalating his behavior whether it be at school or at a child care center. Children bully others for various reasons which include problems in their own homes. Stopping a child bully takes time and can become challenging. However, child bullying is wrong and hurtful and must be stopped at its roots. Whether a child bully is encountered at day care, at the play ground or even at school, parents must help children deal with the child bully to grow stronger.

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