Child Care Options While You’re At Work

By | November 2, 2013

Child Care Guide

There are various options open for parents needing someone to care for their children while they work, the decision will have to be made wisely as your child will be with your chosen carer for many hours a day every day of the week so it is essential that you have peace of mind they are safe and well looked after as well as receiving the stimulation needed for learning and development in the early years. Listed below is a comprehensive guide to the different types of care that is offered:

A Nanny

Nannies will care for your children in your own home and often form a close bond with your child or children because of this; a nanny has to be registered as a child minder with local authorities.

The nanny will provide your child with activities during the day depending on the age of the child and may also perform some light duties around the home such as cleaning the child’s room; the nanny will also assist in the social development of your child.

There are several nanny agencies that will take your needs and the age of your children into account and pair up suitable candidates which you can then interview in your home; this is often the best way of choosing a nanny.

After school clubs

Many schools now offer an after school club to provide your child with care in between leaving school and you returning home from work, activities will be made available for your child and they will have the option of purchasing snacks and drinks.

Some day care centers offer after school care and some have a separate facility from the main day care center specially providing activities and snacks for your child.

An Au-pair

Au-pairs are usually young and often do not have any qualifications in child care as such, they will live in your home and provide care for your child as well as performing household duties, they will essentially take care of the home for you while you are working often performing shopping, cooking and cleaning duties.

Child day care centers

Day care centers can be an expensive form of child care especially if you live in a big city, staff at the centers will hold certificates in child caring on various levels and will have been trained in dealing with problem children and children with special needs.

Care centers will provide meals and activities for your child based on age and some centers have after school care programs suitable for older children. Children can benefit from attending a day care centers, mixing socially with other children the same age but are more at risk of catching childhood illnesses from mixing.

Child minders

A child minder has to be registered to provide care for children and babies, a child minder will generally look after children in their own home and an inspection will have been made into the suitability of the home beforehand.

All child minders will have had a criminal record check made to rule out any criminal activity and they will have attended a registration course and first aid course. They will be up to date on topics such as child nutrition, health and safety and food hygiene.

Family members or friends

This option is particularly appealing as you know your child will be safe with relatives, also your child won’t have problems when you leave because they know the person they are with. Family members are usually more flexible than nannies and make an excellent choice for after school arraignments for your child.

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