Child Care: Questions To Ask

By | November 2, 2013

Child Care Guide

Whichever form of child care you choose to take, be it a day care center, nanny or baby sitter there are several very important questions that need to be thought about or asked before choosing who to leave your child with. Listed below are just some of them:

  • What is the ratio of carers to children, are there enough carers?
  • Do the carers seem happy in their work?
  • Do the children in the center seem happy?
  • Are the children encouraged to talk with the carers?
  • When a child acts out what is the carers response?
  • Is the care center in good order?
  • Does the care center look bright and cheerful?
  • Is the equipment in the center in good repair, is it safe?
  • Is there a list of daily activities, does the list include things such as quiet time, rest and story time?
  • Is the nappy changing area clean and well sanitised?
  • Does the care center have a menu on show and if so is the diet a healthy one?
  • Are menus given to parents beforehand and are there choices?
  • Does the food that is given actually match what’s on the menu?
  • Are the toys suited to the age range of the children?
  • Are the toys within easy reach?
  • Is there protection around play items such as slides and swings?
  • Is the outside play area fenced off?
  • Are the premises safe, do they have an alarm system on the main door or can just anyone walk into the center?
  • Is there any rock, ditches or uneven surfaces in the outdoor play area?
  • Are children encouraged to wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating?
  • Do the children have easy access to clean towels and toilet paper?
  • Do carers wash their hands when moving between groups of children, before handling food or feeding the children?
  • Do the carers wash their hands after touching any bodily fluids such as wiping a runny nose or treating a cut?
  • Does the center use disposable paper towels which ensure that each child uses his own towel?
  • Is any medication that children take safely locked away and does it each have its own label clearly printed on it stating the name, age and address of the child?
  • Are there separate sinks for food preparation and cleaning and hand washing?
  • What kind of first aid policy does the center have?
  • Does the center have carers that are trained in first aid and hold certificates?
  • What is the center’s policy in case of emergencies?
  • Does the center keep up to date information on names and addresses of all the children who attend?
  • Has any of the staff had training in how to deal with a problem child?
  • What is the centers policy regarding bullying?
  • How do the carers chastise any bad behaviour?

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