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After-School Child Care

Parents Tips on Learning Games for Children

Early childhood play has a larger and more significant purpose in child development than just entertainment. According to Piaget, constructive play allows children to hone their comprehension of concepts before they can understand abstract thinking. Various specialists have ascribed reasons such as socialization, development of communication and exploration skills, and cognitive growth to play. Regardless of the […]

Finding Child Care for Special Needs Children

Finding child care or babysitters for your children should be a process in which careful assessment is made and an informed decision is made after all factors have been considered. Choosing appropriate care for disabled childrenrequires more caution and discernment as your special needs child requires customized care for physical, cognitive and intellectual development.   Choosing the Right […]

Tips for a Respectful Childcarer-Parent Relationship

Childcare centers provide a service that allows parents to safely leave children to be looked after when they go about their daily work, and continue with careers.Choosing a center is a arduous task for many parents, and most professionals do their best to make parents feel at ease. While the nature of the service goes beyond […]

Single Parent Homes: Tips for Single Parents

Children of single parents need more attention and care than those in two-parent households to help them adjust and understand the world. Single parents are often reluctant to ask for help, afraid that it will show weakness or an inability to cope. However, it is often the smartest and most efficient solution. Family and friends of single […]

Single Parent Tips: Children of Single Parent Homes

Running a single parent household is a daunting task, and yet it is something that is more frequently heard of today than even a decade ago. Being a single parent could be a result of choice, divorce or death of a partner. When faced with having to deal with the trauma of a separation or death, individuals with children […]

Parenting Tips for Child Bad Behavior

Children can pick up bad habits from peers or from other family members, or develop them on their own. Regardless of how the child has learned the bad habit, it can be annoying to parents, school teachers and caregivers, and distract other children. Remember that child bad behavior is often self-calming or soothing, or resorted to when […]