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Child Care & Benefits

Parents’ Tips on Evaluating Childcare

Selecting an appropriate childcare center or childcare professional can be a long and daunting task, but is important. Early learning and development in childrenhelps them later in nursery and in school. Children often grow out of their childcare centers and require more complex stimulus or simply better care, leading to stagnation of the child’s development. Regular childcare […]

Parent’s Tips on Child Health Insurance Plans

Children are accident-prone, vulnerable to illnesses, bacterial infections, and more serious ailments. Health insurance for children provides benefits beyond just payments of bills. With a child health insurance plan, it is easy to access routine health procedures such as preventive vaccinations or medicines, check-ups, dental treatment, as well as treatments for recurring problems like ear infections, coughs and […]

Parent’s Tips on Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children

Reading is one of the most important skills a child will develop, and one of the most critical to being able to learn and interact with the world later. Children’s reading skills allow them to develop vocabularies, equip them for school and college, help them express their emotions through writing and speech, and allow easier access to develop […]