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Single Parent Homes: Tips for Single Parents

Children of single parents need more attention and care than those in two-parent households to help them adjust and understand the world. Single parents are often reluctant to ask for help, afraid that it will show weakness or an inability to cope. However, it is often the smartest and most efficient solution. Family and friends of single […]

Talking to Children in a Divorce

Divorce can be the most difficult situation for a family to handle, and for children, the most difficult to accept. For children of divorce, the reactions are mixed, and depend on the age, amongst other factors. Common feelings of children in divorce are blaming themselves for not being good enough, fear of losing one parent for good, insecurity about […]

Parent’s Tips for Early Childhood Education

Children’s early learning has been a topic of much research and debate, but findings show that children benefit from pre-school or early education, and consistently perform better than those who have not received the same. From a very young age, children are capable of imbibing good behavior models and language and reasoning skills if provided with […]

Parent’s Tips on Child Health Insurance Plans

Children are accident-prone, vulnerable to illnesses, bacterial infections, and more serious ailments. Health insurance for children provides benefits beyond just payments of bills. With a child health insurance plan, it is easy to access routine health procedures such as preventive vaccinations or medicines, check-ups, dental treatment, as well as treatments for recurring problems like ear infections, coughs and […]

Parenting Children After Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, adults find it hard to rationalize and accept the catastrophe. For children, coping with trauma is enhanced by their sense of powerlessness and dependency. Often, an entire area or community has suffered destruction and death during this event, making even the comfort of normalcy impossible for children. At this point, […]

Child Carers and Creative Children

As children grow and spend more time in schools, their ability for creative thinking is stifled and converted into a more linear way of thinking or solving problems. Schools commonly focus on learning by imitating or repeating, discouraging children from learning through experimenting, observing and imagining. For young children at child care centers, the time […]

Child Carer’s Tips for Culture Sensitive Care

Culture attitudes affect the way we behave, think and interact with other people. It is not just about where our ancestors come from; culture also shows in our dress sense, what we eat, how we bring up children and interact with family, discipline and routines, the music and entertainment we choose, our festivals and our style of […]