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Child Caregiver – Vocabulary & Language Skills Development

Innumerable studies and research programs have shown that the amount of communication and interaction between a child and a caregiver directly impacts development of the child’s vocabulary. Infants are naturally programmed to learn the language that they hear most often, and begin to recognize words and phrases shortly thereafter. During the first three years of […]

Helping Sexually Abused Children

Dealing with sexual abuse in children is a difficult task for parents, and often, the help of experts is needed. Those who have experienced child sexual abuse find it hard to trust anyone, will withdraw into themselves, and could become self-injurious, suicidal or depressive.   Creating an Atmosphere of Openness It is always best to discuss the case with […]

Encouraging Children to Eat Healthy – Childcarer’s Tips

Children often spend long and regular hours in childcare, and habits developed here are likely to become long-lasting behavior patterns later in life. While parents may make the effort to foster healthy eating habits for children at home, it is important that child carers encourage child healthy eating at the daycare center too. Lessons learned with other children as […]

Custody Arrangements: Divorce And Child Custody Guidelines

Spending time with your child is important after divorce and child custodyarrangements, because it reinforces the idea that they are still loved. Talking to a child about divorce is an initial step, and prepares them for the changes to come. Making up your own routines now is a good way to create a feeling of belonging and acceptance […]

Tips for Adoptive Parents: Telling Children about Adoption

For adoptive parents, the inevitable discussion about adoption is a source of fear and worry. Telling adopted children in a family that they are not biologically related is a big step and is not always easy. Some parents find it difficult because they believe they may lose the child, or that the adoptive children will feel rejected and hurt. […]

Parent’s Tips for Early Childhood Education

Children’s early learning has been a topic of much research and debate, but findings show that children benefit from pre-school or early education, and consistently perform better than those who have not received the same. From a very young age, children are capable of imbibing good behavior models and language and reasoning skills if provided with […]

Parent’s Tips on Child Health Insurance Plans

Children are accident-prone, vulnerable to illnesses, bacterial infections, and more serious ailments. Health insurance for children provides benefits beyond just payments of bills. With a child health insurance plan, it is easy to access routine health procedures such as preventive vaccinations or medicines, check-ups, dental treatment, as well as treatments for recurring problems like ear infections, coughs and […]