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Child Care & Single Parents

Single Parent Tips: Children of Single Parent Homes

Running a single parent household is a daunting task, and yet it is something that is more frequently heard of today than even a decade ago. Being a single parent could be a result of choice, divorce or death of a partner. When faced with having to deal with the trauma of a separation or death, individuals with children […]

Custody Arrangements: Divorce And Child Custody Guidelines

Spending time with your child is important after divorce and child custodyarrangements, because it reinforces the idea that they are still loved. Talking to a child about divorce is an initial step, and prepares them for the changes to come. Making up your own routines now is a good way to create a feeling of belonging and acceptance […]

Recession: Affordable Child Care & Nannies For Families

These recession times have been hard on everyone due to the continuous rise in unemployment and the increasing salary cuts. One sector that has been greatly affected by this is the child care industry, specifically nannies and nanny day care jobs as we have previously discussed. Finding child care has, in fact, become easier for parents due […]

Older Child Adoption: Tips For Adopting Older Children

While adopting older children can be a wonderful experience, it is not the same as adopting an infant and comes with its own set of challenges. It is advisable therefore, to take certain things into account before going in for older children adoption.   Older Children Adoption: Do Your Research Well It is of primary […]

Effectively Stopping Bad Habits in Children

When an action becomes a source of comfort to a child, when it receives attention from parents or people around them, or when it gives pleasure, it becomes a child bad habit. Breaking bad habits for a child is a matter of understanding why your child has developed this habit, and helping them to reduce it over time. […]

Treating Depressed Teens

Writing off depression as a phase that teenagers go through can be very damaging in seriously depressed teens. Left untreated, it could become a chronic problem that continues into adulthood. When problematic behavior occurs, it may or may not be a teenage depression symptom, but it will need to be handled. Talk to your teen first: Teenagers […]

Parenting Tips on Potty Training for Toddlers

Potty training for toddlers may be relatively easy or could take longer than you expect, depending on your child. Usually children are ready to learn how to use a potty in their second year, but it may differ. It is advisable to watch for signs of your toddler being ready to understand potty training methods before you begin […]