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Child Disabilities & Special Needs

Child Minders Guide to Special Needs Children & Disabilities

Child disability is caused by hereditary factors, deficiencies or complications during fetal stages or birth, or is acquired in childhood years. Diagnosis and understanding of child disability helps both the child and the child minder to deal with the difficulties that may arise because of the disability. When the presence of a disability in children is […]

Finding Child Care for Special Needs Children

Finding child care or babysitters for your children should be a process in which careful assessment is made and an informed decision is made after all factors have been considered. Choosing appropriate care for disabled childrenrequires more caution and discernment as your special needs child requires customized care for physical, cognitive and intellectual development.   Choosing the Right […]

Child Separation Anxiety: Coping Successfully With It

The emotions associated with child separation anxiety are quite intense both for parents and the child experiencing separation anxiety. However, learning to cope with this is not only challenging but also extremely important. Here are a few important things to remember about child separation anxiety and ways to cope with it.   When Does Separation Anxiety In Children […]