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Creative Tips on Healthy Eating & Foods for Children

Convincing a child to eat healthy food is an arduous task for most parents. While parents play the most important role in forming the culinary preferences of a child; a study by British scientists has also found that forcing children to eat healthy will only make them hate certain foods rather than like it. Some children also […]

Encouraging Children to Eat Healthy – Childcarer’s Tips

Children often spend long and regular hours in childcare, and habits developed here are likely to become long-lasting behavior patterns later in life. While parents may make the effort to foster healthy eating habits for children at home, it is important that child carers encourage child healthy eating at the daycare center too. Lessons learned with other children as […]

Parent’s Tips on Child Health Insurance Plans

Children are accident-prone, vulnerable to illnesses, bacterial infections, and more serious ailments. Health insurance for children provides benefits beyond just payments of bills. With a child health insurance plan, it is easy to access routine health procedures such as preventive vaccinations or medicines, check-ups, dental treatment, as well as treatments for recurring problems like ear infections, coughs and […]

The Swine Flu Risk and Protecting Against Swine Flu

Swine flu has created widespread panic amongst governments, health organizations, medical practitioners and scientists as well as the media and the common man. While there are a number of reasons for this reaction, chiefly the speed at which the virus spreads, a large cause of concern is that it is children and teens that are […]

Children Allergies: How To Deal With Child Allergy Problems

An allergy in child can create health problems for your child so it is best as a parent to be aware of childhood allergies, their symptoms and treatment so that the child may get some relief from children allergies. An allergy in child may be either seasonal or perennial depending on what causes it. What […]

Effective Adolescent Health Care

During adolescence and teenage years, children face a number of hormonal, emotional and physical changes. Teenage health issues may arise that are different from the problems they faced as young children, and they may also be less willing to share with parents. Some common issues faced by teens: Weight problems: Children who were considered plump can grow […]