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Identifying Depression in Adolescents

Adolescents are known to be moody and irritable, and suffer mood swings frequently. Most parents with children about to hit their teenage years look toward these struggles with anxiety and apprehension. For teenagers to appear temperamental and seem to be on an emotional roller-coaster is natural, butteenage depression symptoms is a very different and far more […]

Treating Depressed Teens

Writing off depression as a phase that teenagers go through can be very damaging in seriously depressed teens. Left untreated, it could become a chronic problem that continues into adulthood. When problematic behavior occurs, it may or may not be a teenage depression symptom, but it will need to be handled. Talk to your teen first: Teenagers […]

Child Separation Anxiety: Coping Successfully With It

The emotions associated with child separation anxiety are quite intense both for parents and the child experiencing separation anxiety. However, learning to cope with this is not only challenging but also extremely important. Here are a few important things to remember about child separation anxiety and ways to cope with it.   When Does Separation Anxiety In Children […]