Children Allergies: How To Deal With Child Allergy Problems

By | November 2, 2013

An allergy in child can create health problems for your child so it is best as a parent to be aware of childhood allergies, their symptoms and treatment so that the child may get some relief from children allergies. An allergy in child may be either seasonal or perennial depending on what causes it.

What Are Childhood Allergies?

An allergy in child is caused when a foreign substance comes in contact with the skin, lungs, oesophagus, mouth, stomach or intestine and affects the immune system of the body. While some allergy in child may be caused by a particular substance, other children may not get childhood allergies from it. The symptoms of an allergic reaction follow next from which treatment should proceed.

Causes Of Child Food Allergies

Many food substances cause child food allergies. If your child is fond of eating any item which causes children allergies, it is sad to forgo it but it must be done. Wheat, eggs, milk, peanuts, soybeans and some varieties of fish ( such as cod and salmon) and shellfish ( such as shrimps and lobsters) often cause child food allergies.

Symptoms Of A Child With Allergy

Child allergy symptoms may range from extremely mild to very serious reactions caused in the body, depending on

Sneezing is a common allergy symptom. Photo by evah.

Sneezing is a common allergy symptom. Photo by evah.

the organ that is affected. The brain, eyes, nose, heart, skin as well as other parts of the body may be affected in a child with allergy. Some symptoms include:

  • Eyes becoming red, watery and itchy.
  • Earache and ear infection may result from children allergies.
  • The nose may show symptoms of hay fever, sinus pain, running nose, excessive sneezing, blocked nose and rhinitis. Rubbing the nose a lot (allergic salute) and dark circles under the eyes (allergic shiners) are cause in child with allergy rhinitis.
  • Palpitations and irregular heartbeats may result when the heart is affected in a child with allergy.
  • The skin may get itchy and inflamed with red rashes.

Child Food Allergies Symptoms

Certain food items lead to certain symptoms. For example, chocolates cause headaches (how sad would be such a child allergy!). Milk and cola drinks are known to cause hay fever, asthma symptoms are commonly by wheat and eggs and hives by strawberries and nuts. However, symptoms may be common to a variety of food products and one food item can cause more than one symptom.

Treatment Of Childhood Allergies

A good nutritional diet makes the immune system strong and is the best way to ward off a child allergy. However, when children allergies are detected from a substance it is best to avoid that food and environmental substance as repeated exposure to it can create further health problems. Additionally, allergy medicines may be administered to control childhood allergies.

Children allergies can be caused from a variety of substances such as indoor and outdoor molds, animal dander and dust mites. So taking care of these childhood allergies is of primary importance to bring up your child in a healthy way.


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