Part Time Child Care & Day Care Jobs In Recession

By | November 2, 2013

In these recession times, daycare jobs have been hit hard as nannies and babysitters continue their struggle in finding child care jobs. With job cuts increasing every day, part time nannies are losing their jobs and part time day cares are continually losing business. While families regret letting go of trustworthy nannies and babysitters, finding affordable childcare has become a higher priority for them. Jobs in daycare are at an all time low and are projected to remain that way until we come out of this recession. A child care career, although rewarding, does seem a little hard right now.

Recession Hits Part Time Day Care

We are all experiencing financial woes due to our current weak economy and fewer families are choosing a nanny day care for their children. However, daycare jobs have been hit especially hard with this recession. Part time child care centers and individual nannies and babysitters are losing jobs and clients they have had for years. When one member of a family gets laid off, they stay at home to take care of the kids as this is the most affordable child care. However, this would mean letting go of your nanny or cutting down on hours at part time day cares. Since last year, daycares have lost huge percentages of their clients and nanny hiring agencies all over the US have also confirmed that the hiring is really slowing down. More and more nannies call them regularly to find daycare jobs as they keep getting laid off. Enrollment at nanny day cares is so low that many of them have had to close their doors.

Part Time Nannies & Nanny Day Cares Suffering

It has been a mental and financial nightmare for daycares and part time nannieswho are losing their jobs. For most, this is their only source of income and the recession is leaving them penniless as families switch to cheaper alternatives. While many lose their jobs altogether, others see hours cut and incentives taken away. Nanny jobs came with bonuses like a month of paid leave, paid holiday in Europe, and a place to stay. With the fallen economy, these incentives are no longer being offered to part time nannies. Moreover, they are being asked to assist in housecleaning and are having their pay rates slashed. The luxuries that they once enjoyed have been snatched away from them so that families can make their childcare affordable. Part time child care centers have also experienced hardships. The impact of the recession is felt by not only the families and day care centers, but also by the workers at the daycares. Daycare jobs are also being affected as staff members and cleaning crew are being laid off to keep the facility from going under.

This recession is contributing to a severe depression in the childcare industry. People with jobs at daycares are suffering greatly due to the several layoffs. Finding child care jobs is becoming increasingly difficult and part time nannies and daycares are bearing the brunt of it. While families accept inferior quality but affordable childcare, nannies and daycares scramble to find new jobs to keep them going.


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