Play Dates: Organizing An Effective Kids Date

By | November 2, 2013

A playdate is important as it offers a child an opportunity to mix with others of his/her age while giving the parent some time to relax. A kids date, though it should be well planned should always include a lot of fun. Planning a play day can be fun, with these tips to help you on the way:

Why Organize A Kid Date?

Play dates are essential because:

  • They help in the moral and social development of the child by involving him in play date games.
  • They offer a special kids date time that your child will always remember.
  • They help a child make new friends through a play day.

Organizing A Play Day – Getting Started

The first step in organizing a play date for your child is to get together other children he/she can play with. If you already know some parents, inviting their children for a kid date should be no hassle. Otherwise, to organize a kid date you may even place an advertisement in a local newspaper, but be sure to conduct some background checks on these families who approach you for a playdate.

Essential Elements For A Play Day

While organizing a play date at home, two things are absolutely indispensable. Make sure you have plenty of toys and good food to eat for a successful play date. Some prior play date games planning will stand you in good stead and keep the children occupied continuously. It is advisable to organize a playdate with a few children. Otherwise the kid date will result in chaos. Finally, lay ground rules at the beginning of the play date and make sure they are followed.

Play Date Games Suggestions

Some of these play date games may be played to help your child socialize with others.

  • Cooking a simple snack item can be an interesting way to spend a kids date. Baking cookies or making popcorn keeps the children engaged and gives them the thrill of learning to make something they eat.
  • A board game is also one of the popular play date games.
  • Toys that the children can play with and share among each other can also be used in a play date.
  • Dressing up is another good play date games one can try out.

Duration Of A Play Day

It is advisable to keep a playdate short- not more than a few hours as children get tired easily.

An Interesting Play Day

Once your child is comfortable with the play date companion and parents of all children know each other well, a playdate may even be organized in a park, zoo or family restaurant. Each setting will have different things to teach the kid date friends and innovative play date games may be tried out here.

With parents getting busier by the day, organizing a play date is getting more and more difficult. However, play date games are not only essential for your child’s healthy growth; they also allow parents some time to relax by sharing responsibilities among themselves.

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