Recession: Affordable Child Care & Nannies For Families

By | November 2, 2013

These recession times have been hard on everyone due to the continuous rise in unemployment and the increasing salary cuts. One sector that has been greatly affected by this is the child care industry, specifically nannies and nanny day care jobs as we have previously discussed. Finding child care has, in fact, become easier for parents due to the excessive availability of nannies. Not only can the parents be picky as to who they choose now, they can provide suitable and affordable childcare for their children right from their own homes. There has been a significant shift in childcare from part time day cares to part time nannies due to the current state of the economy.

Part Time Nannies In Excess

Earlier, when the economy was booming, nannies had a particularly strong say on their salaries and benefits. However, within the last year, a lot has changed in the nanny day care business. Parents are finding that they are in control and hold the reigns again which is especially good news for single parent homes. Due to the numerous layoffs, part time nannies are finding it hard to demand what they previously took for granted and are having to settle for much lesser terms thus proving affordable child care to families. While earlier the nannies got to decide which house they would work for, parents are now getting the opportunity to be pickier and choose who they deem fit to care for their child. Nanny agencies now send more than double the number of nannies to choose from to parents. Hiring in these agencies has reduced by 30%-50% within the last one year.

Part Time Nannies: Overqualified & Underpaid

Not only are part time nannies in excess now, most of them are also usually much too overqualified for their jobs. However, they are hopeful to find any job and thus settle for nanny jobs even if they are qualified to achieve much more. Individuals with a Masters degree, years of experience in caring for children, and fluent in English and Spanish are now being looked upon as appropriately qualified for a nanny job. These are extremely high standards compared to last year. Moreover, as parents now don’t have to worry about their nanny being taken away by others if they are not pampered enough, they are now paying them much lesser than they deserve. On average, the pay of a nanny has gone from $700 down to $400 a week. They are also now being required to assist in household cleaning work as well. Even though this seems unfair to the nannies, parents are now rejoicing at finally having found affordable child care for their kids.

With the luxuries of the past life taken away from them and their salaries driven down due to the fallen economy, nanny jobs are now starting to look likeaffordable child care for parents. With the excess of nannies everywhere, finding child care has become easier now. Parents can now be selective and choose from a variety of overqualified nannies waiting to be employed by somebody. While families everywhere suffer from lower pay and job cuts, affordable nanny day care comes as a blessing to them all.


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