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Tips for Adoptive Parents: Telling Children about Adoption

For adoptive parents, the inevitable discussion about adoption is a source of fear and worry. Telling adopted children in a family that they are not biologically related is a big step and is not always easy. Some parents find it difficult because they believe they may lose the child, or that the adoptive children will feel rejected and hurt. […]

Parent’s Tips for Biracial Adoptions and Multicultural Families

When it comes to adoption, adoptive parents may choose a child whose cultural and racial background is similar to their own, or a biracial child from a different country or culture. Most adoptive parents say their hearts led them to the child, and color or race didn’t matter. The unfortunate reality however, is that we live in […]

Older Child Adoption: Tips For Adopting Older Children

While adopting older children can be a wonderful experience, it is not the same as adopting an infant and comes with its own set of challenges. It is advisable therefore, to take certain things into account before going in for older children adoption.   Older Children Adoption: Do Your Research Well It is of primary […]