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Child Caregiver – Vocabulary & Language Skills Development

Innumerable studies and research programs have shown that the amount of communication and interaction between a child and a caregiver directly impacts development of the child’s vocabulary. Infants are naturally programmed to learn the language that they hear most often, and begin to recognize words and phrases shortly thereafter. During the first three years of […]

Parent’s Tips on Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children

Reading is one of the most important skills a child will develop, and one of the most critical to being able to learn and interact with the world later. Children’s reading skills allow them to develop vocabularies, equip them for school and college, help them express their emotions through writing and speech, and allow easier access to develop […]

Parenting Tips for Children with Reading Problems

Reading plays a huge part in our daily lives, right from books and magazines to signboards, brochures, maps, lists, and instruction leaflets.  It creates avenues for communication, knowledge, learning and information processing, and also provides a time for relaxation and quiet pursuit of learning that is enjoyable. Children who have problems with reading will be severely limited […]