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Parents’ Tips for Teaching about Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse in children can be a difficult topic for parents to broach with their children, but it is becoming increasingly important to create open channels of communication about it within families. Many parents feel awkward about discussing child sexual abuse with their children because they feel:   Children should not know about the darker side of human […]

Helping Sexually Abused Children

Dealing with sexual abuse in children is a difficult task for parents, and often, the help of experts is needed. Those who have experienced child sexual abuse find it hard to trust anyone, will withdraw into themselves, and could become self-injurious, suicidal or depressive.   Creating an Atmosphere of Openness It is always best to discuss the case with […]

Child Sex Education for Young Children

Children will feel a natural sense of curiosity about their bodies, differences in their private parts, pregnancy, sex and a whole range of topics that could make the most confident parent quake. Knowing how much to teach about sex to children as they grow older and dealing with questions that arise can be difficult. However, the awkwardness […]