Tips For Travlleing with Children & Flying With Kids

By | November 2, 2013

Flying with kids can be either fun or a challenging experience. However, with a few tips in hand and some prior preparation, travelling with a baby can be much smoother than you think it possible. Here are a few things to get you started on infant travel:

What To Do Before Flying With Babies

As a parent, you can check with the airline to see how much they will assist you in travelling with children. While some provide sky cots that can make flying with kids easy for you, others do not- so make inquiries.

It is a good idea to reach the airport well in advance while travelling with children. If the flight is not full see if you can be seated next to a vacant seat while travelling with a baby.


What To Carry While Flying With Babies

For flying with baby keep a handy bag with diapers, wipes, a perfumed nappy sack, a hand towel and also some rash cream so that it make be ready for use ininfant travel. Nappy sacks tied up may also serve as effective sick bags while travelling with children. Carry a roomy bag that can easily carry their toys, books and other items that can be retrieved and collected back easily while flying with kids.

Car Seat While Flying With Babies

An approved car seat that is used in flights is the safest seat while travelling with infants. The car seats, usually located in window seat areas also help other passengers move around easily and should be checked once installed so that they are secure. However, if this cannot be purchased comply with the flight regulations while flying with babies.

Infant Travel In The Aircraft

Flying with baby can be a fruitful learning experience for you if you take care of the following:

  • It is advisable to carry baby food and utensils while travelling with infants as sometimes the airline may not have the food your infant is used to eating. Carrying disposable bibs and sterilized disposable bottle liners will also make your job easier in infant travel.
  • Any meals and water that you would like warmed up while travelling with infants should be conveyed to the cabin crew well in advance.
  • Be the last to leave the plane while flying with baby so that the cabin crew can assist you in getting out.

Keeping Your Child Busy While Travelling With A Baby

Toys and baby books that your child is fond of should be carried while flying with baby so that he/she remains occupied for the duration of the flight. Allow kids to view the airplane’s video channels and play games that will keep them engaged while travelling with children. Older children should carry their coloring books, dolls, cards, i-pods that will keep them entertained.

With these tips that can be easily followed, travelling with infants can not only become easier but also an enjoyable experience. So tighten your seat belts and get ready for infant travel.


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