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By | November 2, 2013

Child Care Guide

Helping children and looking after them is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, nothing can bring greater satisfaction than seeing a child improve or learn something new with your help. There are several ways in which you can offer your services and help to care for or to teach children without having to take certificates or get training. Listed below are just some of the ways you can make a difference:

Your local school

Schools will always welcome parents help with open arms, anyone working with children in any capacity in any authority run establishment now have to have screening, this check is made with the criminal records bureau and ensures that everyone who comes into contact with children does not have a criminal background.

The school will pay for the check and it takes about a month to complete in full before the school is given the report and you are given clearance. Areas that schools particularly need help in are:

  • Reading – Schools are often in desperate need for help with reading, here you will be asked to take children on a one to one basis and listen to them read for about 15 minutes per child. Usually you will work with one class on a regular basis going in two or three times a week for an hour or two.
  • Classroom assistance – Schools will often appreciate help within the classroom, this can be your child’s class or a different one if you feel uncomfortable working alongside your child. Assistance is given in a general form providing help with topics the children are working on in class; this can be help with spelling or answering questions children may have regarding the topic they are working on.
  • Attending day outings – Schools will often ask parents to accompany them on outings for the day, parents would be expected to be in charge of a group of children on the outing and make sure they stayed safe during the outing.

Usually a group of children would consist of no more than four children per adult. As well as keeping the children safe you would be also expected to point out highlights of the outing and the teacher will have given you reference material to look through beforehand on things to show the children.

Say for example the class are doing a topic on history and you are visiting an historic site then there will be certain things on the outing that the children will have to be aware of and part of your job would be to help point these out to children. Help will also be required at dinner time for usually on day outings there isn’t a lot of time for the children to eat and use the bathroom.

Child care centers

Many child care centers particularly those run by local authorities and volunteers will often require assistance, care centers will often post volunteer positions on notice boards or websites. The type of assistance they will need includes:

  • Working with pre school children – This usually entails reading and playing with children of pre school age, also helping them at meal times and possibly taking them to the bathroom.
  • Assisting older children in various activities such as supervising them as they play in outdoor areas and making sure each child isn’t left out from an activity.
  • Assisting children during dinner times, helping to feed young children and babies making sure they wash and helping with bathroom duties.
  • Working in after school care clubs – Many after school care clubs rely on volunteers to help them entertain children this could be supervising older children in after school care, assisting with homework. Supervising the snack and refreshment bar or helping in sports related activities, after school clubs that offer a pick up service for children often need drivers also.

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